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Where did the Lexington Herald-Leader (LHL) go?

Because of falling use, rising prices, and usability issues, we decided to cancel Newsbank at the end of 2016-2017. Newsbank has exclusive rights to the online version of LHL. We will re-assess this decision as the year goes on, so if you have any feedback for us about Lexington Herald-Leader and how you use it in your classes, submit a comment and we will use that feedback to guide our next steps.

So how can I get it?

You can search the archives online from 1983 to present to find your citation and then submit a Library Express request for those articles and we will get them to you.

EDS, a new search tool we are trialing, has LHL indexing from 2006 to present.

Graduate students and faculty doing in-depth research or needing older articles may want to go to UK Library and use their online version. EKU has reciprocal borrowing agreements with them.

For open ended research questions (i.e. your assignment asks you to look for articles related to Kentucky topics, but doesn't specify a certain journal) we do still have the full text of the Louisville Courier Journal from 1999-2017 (Lots of other newspaper content available here:

Will the library subscribe again?

We are tracking the kinds of research questions we get related to the LHL to help us decide whether we need to re-subscribe in the future. Please fill out this form to email us with some notes about why you need the LHL, with the subject line "LHL Feedback".

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