Answered By: Nicole Montgomery
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018     Views: 85

When searching in the library's article databases, start by limiting your search and using only articles that are in academic journals.

EDS search results screen highlighting the academic journal symbol in front of two article citaitons

Then click on the title of the article to review the specific article's detailed record. On the detailed record page, find and click on the journal title to learn more about the specific publication. 

Detailed record screen for an article with the clickable journal title highlighted

On the publication details page, look for information on peer review. It should confirm if the journal is in fact peer reviewed or not.

A journal publications screen with a highlight box around information about peer review.

As seen above, this can be a fairly simple process in EBSCOHost databases. But other databases may work differently and not make checking publication information quite as simple. You can always Google the journal publication title and look at their About section.

If you need help checking the peer review status of a journal or individual article, you can always ask us!

Please Note:   Letters to the editor, editorials, and book reviews in peer reviewed publications have not gone through the same peer review process as articles in the publication.