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Strategies for finding an article on a workplace incident or accident that had a human error and/or human factor as the cause. Essentially, how human error/human factors effect safety.

Types of Sources to Use

This is not a topic you'll be able to find scholarly/peer-reviewed sources. Instead, you will need to search trade journals and newspapers and news sources.

Keyword Search Strategy

Leave out the word human altogether from your search, as most articles, particularly newspaper articles where most cases will be found, are not going to use the phrase "human error" or similar phrasing.

Here is a suggested search strategy, as shown typed into a search box:


Database search screen with terms (work or workplace or industrial) typed into first box and terms (accident or injury or incident) typed into second box


Databases to Search

Use the above recommended or a similar search strategy in each of these suggested databases to search.

Google News

Try searching Google, but limit your search results to News. In Google, you can try a much simpler search, such as "workplace injury or accident"

Google search screen with terms (workplace injury or accident) typed into the search box and the News limiter at the top emphasized



USA.GOV might also be a helpful location to try searching for cases or most any occupational safety topic.

Suggested search strategies:

  • human error manufacturing accidents
  • human error accidents
  • human error
  • human factors accidents
  • human factors accidents reports






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