Answered By: Nicole Montgomery
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Library homepage

Step One

Start at the EKU Libraries homepage and click on one of the Databases links.









List of databases and National Fire Codes is entered into the search box.


Step Two 

Type National Fire Codes into the database search box and then click the GO button.








Arrows pointing to text that reads National Fire Codes instructing users to click on it.   

Step Three

Click on National Fire Codes Online.  This is a good time to double-check that you are not using a Chrome browser. Try using Firefox instead to access the National Fire Codes.






Central Authentical screen showing students to login using their EKU username and password



Step Four

Login using your EKU username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to login to Blackboard.







Click on the Codes/Standards/Commentary tab once in the National Fire Codes database



Step Five

You are now in the National Fire Codes subscription service database. Click on the Codes/Standards/Commentary tab.







Just scroll down and find the code or codes you need. Codes are listed in numerical order.



Step Six 

Scroll down and find the code you need. Codes are in numerical order.








Click on the code you need in the list.  Image uses NFPA 101 as an example.



Step Seven

 Click on the code you need.  Here we are using NFPA 101 as an example.







To access the actual code, click on the year.  Then selecting Download PDF is recommened.


Step Eight

Click on the year and then click on Download PDF.