Answered By: Nicole Montgomery
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The below steps show you how to access Google Scholar and to use it to chase known citations.

Step One: Start at the EKU Libraries website and click on the Google Scholar link.


Library homepage with a box and arrows highlighting the Google Scholar link in the center of of the webpage


Step Two:  Login using your EKU username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to login to Blackboard.


CAS password login screen


Step Three: Enter as much of the title and author information that you know into the Google Scholar search box. 

Here we are using the article "Using the instructional design process in tutorial development" by Terri Artemchik as an example.

Image showing the article by Artemchik entered into the Google Scholar search box


Step Four: Scan the Google results page to look for the article. 

In our example, Google Scholar found the article and shows only that article in the results list.


Google Scholar search results screen with just information for the Artemchik article

Step Five:  Tip! Avoid clicking on the title of the article.


Instructions to not click on the title of the article

Step Six: Tip! Instead, look for and click on the GET MORE AT EKU LIBRARIES link.


Image highlighting the Get more at EKU Libraries link on far right side of google Scholar search results

Watch out for articles without a Get More at EKU Libraries link. 

When you have an article without the Get More link on the right of the screen, try clicking on the two right direction arrows at the bottom of the article.  GET MORE can usually be found there as shown in the below example.


Highlighting the arrows to access the Get more at EKU Libraries link in Google Scholar


Step Seven: Clicking on the Get More at EKU Libraries link will take you to a screen that shows the availability of the article at EKU Libraries. 

The screen can be a little confusing but it is essentially letting you know if the library has the article electronically, if they have it in print, or if the library does not currently have the article.


Record screen for the article


Step Eight: In this instance, EKU Libraries has the article! Note the text "Full text availability for this item" with a link underneath to "View Full Text."

Click on the VIEW FULL TEXT link to get the article.


Image highligting the View full text link to acces the full text of the article


Tip! Watch out for articles without a link to full text.

When there is no link to full text, simply click on the REQUEST ITEM THROUGH LIBRARY EXPRESS button to request the article.


Image highlighting the request article button when no full text available